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Hermanos does not collect any user information directly from our website. No registration is required to use the website, and no information which could personally identify a user is recorded.

In order to direct users to the proper pages, we may at times use "cookies". These are small text files stored on your computer, and they contain only information pertinent to your "session" (current usage of the website.) They cannot be read by any other website, and are used only by the files integral to the website. Most browsers have an option which allows cookies to be disabled by the user, although use of the option may affect the functionality of this website.

Individuals who contact us to make a reservation for a retreat will be required to provide personal information (name, address, etc.) as part of the reservation process. This is completely independent of the website. None of the information collected for reservations is stored on the Internet, and it will not be sold or given out to third parties, except as may be necessary to process payments.

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Privacy Policy